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Any questions you wish to ask me or any of the cast members, feel free to e-mail them to me, and I will make sure they will be answered.

"What exactly is The Crazy Man"?
You looked through my website, and you still ask me this? I'm certainly amazed. Alright, This was a college comic strip that I made for my college newspaper "The Signal", back at TCNJ (The College of New Jersey, formerly Trenton State College). Slowly it developed to become a semi-autobiographical comic strip about myself and my friends. We dealt with the absurdities of life in general, plus occasionally go off the wall with some pop-culture humor and parodies.

Lately though, the comic has taken a bit of a dark turn in it's storyline. It still has some humor, but with elements of action, sci-fi, the supernatural, drama, its sort of acting like "Lost"

"Are the characters based on anyone?"
Good question. They are all based on my friends. Each character is him or herself, but they are an exaggerated caricature. Their clothing style is based on the most familiar outfit they wore the first time I met them. Since then, they've stuck with it. However, this edition of the comic has some noticable changes where some of the characters have left the series in one form or another, and new characters will be coming in, in some new outfit change in one way or another. Why I did that is because I felt there was a need for a change, a need for maturity... somewhat.

"Do you have a picture so we can see what you look like?"
Yes, I have a picture, though it is not only myself, it also contains my Crazy Man friends, former and current.
The REAL Crazy Man
I will be sure to add more photos of myself at a later time.

"How often do you update?"
I try to update 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

"Do you just draw comic strips?"
Nope. I am also a freelance graphic designer/illustrator as well as a graphic designer at Everyday Health Professional/MedPage Today in Little Falls, NJ. While I like this job very much, I wouldn't mind drawing just comic strips daily for a living, and to hopefully become famous for it.

"Can I be in your comic?"
I love getting asked that question. To tell you the truth, I only include my close friends in my comic. I would like to include you, and maybe I will, as long as I know your personality a little more to figure out how and where to place you.

"Will you marry me?"
Sorry, I'm a happily married man.

"Why do your characters look and fight similarly like characters from Dragonball Z?"
Another good question. The reason they look like that is that I'm a big fan of DBZ. The artist who drew it is Akira Toriyama. He inspired me to draw this way. I've been told my comics are a nice blend of Eastern and Western styles.

"Does anyone else inspire you?"
Well, Jim Davis, creator of Garfield I like, and used to emulate his style as a kid, plus I love sarcastic humor. I used to watch that Nicktoon show Doug, and my character is loosely based on his overall design (green vest, white shirt, artist, vivid imagination) though it was only a coincidence, I've always wanted to be an artist, and my favorite color is green.

"What happened to (Insert name here)? Why did (insert name here) leave the series?"
To sum up some of the reasons, some of which are true in the comic:
"Why do some of your comics imitate films almost shot for shot?"
Alright, it's a fair question. The reason is that I am a huge movie fan, and things I see I like to see if I can imitate or do my own version of. Other cartoons and whatnot do nearly the same thing: South Park parodies television and films, so does Family Guy. You might say I'm just riding on the bandwagon. It's nothing against the film or show itself, as the saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Besides, I don't copy the entire movie and say it's my own, I write my own storylines to everything, the imitated film scenes are just because it looked really cool, and I wanted to test myself to see I can do it just as well.

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