The Cast of The Crazy Man


Alias: The Crazy Man
Rank: General

Due to stopping the plans of Ms. Starr and Captain Mentaro,
he is now trapped in an alternate reality.
Now he has to figure out a way to get back...
Jeff Alternate

Alias: Spamboy
Rank: Captain

Captain and weaponsmith of the military, he repairs and creates advanced weaponry for the resistance.
He leads patrols in the surrounding area to make sure no troops are nearby, and to help any survivors or refugees.
Nishita Alternate

Alias: Shorty
Rank: Lieutenant

Field medic and part-time mechanic of the resistance. The war has hardened her some as she has become considerably tough in appearance.
Wife of Josh in the alternate universe.
Tracey Alternate

Alias: None
Rank: General

Leader of the resistance... she commands a certain amount of respect and fear due to her abilities, and rarely do people acknowledge her by her name, but rather by her rank. She was the one who located the hidden base located in the shipyards in Bayonne.
Wife of George in the alternate universe.
Loretta Alternate

Alias: Platypus
Rank: Oracle

Oracle and spiritual leader of the resistence. She provides the morale of the military as they continue to wage their war against the military might of something called, "Daybreak". In the midst of her trances, she inadvertantly made a mental connection with Loretta of our reality.
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