The Crazy Man 20th Anniversary 2000-2020

November 8, 2017

Latest News: December 26,2020

Long overdue, but this is the 20th Anniversary of my comic. It's been an amazing run from just a
simple weekly college comic to a webcomic with less updates than bigfoot sightings. It wasn't until
I worked on the "Jericho" storyline that things finally started to come together and I knew where I
wanted to take myself and my friends from here on out: It wasn't going to be a happy comic with a happy ending.
I wanted this comic to be grounded with real-life scenarios while still applying the sci-fi and action elements
in the mix. Overall, it's been a constant learning experience as my art has changed in subtle ways over the years,
but it's improved overall, and where the comic goes, we'll wait and see until it's own endgame...
In the meantime, thank you for being a fan, and continue to read where everyone will go, and what lay ahead for
for everyone as the 2 universes continue it's path toward a possible singularity...